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Achieve Financial Independence with our Net Worth Tracker for Google Sheets

Our comprehensive spreadsheet is more than just numbers and charts; it’s a roadmap to your financial independence. It includes intuitive tools to visualize your financial health, like the Net Worth Tracker, Early Retirement Projection, and Sankey Diagram Generator, which help you see the bigger picture of your financial flows.

This isn’t just about managing your finances—it’s about transforming them.

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Our all-in-one spreadsheet helps you track, analyze, and project your financial future with ease and accuracy.


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Track Your Net Worth

  • Net Worth Time Series
  • Basic Asset Categories
  • Basic Liability Categories
  • Easy Export to PopaDex
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Advanced Personal Finance Management

  • Everything in Basic
  • Early Retirement Planning
  • Real Estate Buy vs Rent Calculator
  • Monthly Budgeting
  • Exclusive Generate Sankey Charts Directly From Google Sheets
  • Aggregated List of Helpful Personal Finance Tools
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Discover the convenience of managing your wealth with a net worth tracker like PopaDex. Our intuitive platform consolidates your financial portfolio into a seamless overview, enhancing your budgeting and financial strategy.

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